Goo Hye Sun (in Bali)

Goo Hye Sun, star of the popular Boys Over Flowers (Korean version of F4), did a photoshoot in Bali many years ago. Unfortunately, I can’t find reasons for the trip to Bali other than to do a photoshoot. Does anyone know why?…

Anyway, I saw the shots and I have to say I love the outfits that she wore.

Here is just one of them I just adore. Love the floppy hat!

Goo Hye Sun 2

And my version:

Goo Hye Sun 2 Top 1

Just a blue top just as cute without any sleeves in blue leopard print chiffon top from F21, $19.80. Click here.

Or, something more simple and refined?

Goo Hye Sun 2 Top 2

Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue top, $39.99. Click here.

Goo Hye Sun 2 Shorts

White Linen Shorts from F21, $12.50. Click here.

Goo Hye Sun 2 Hat

Floopy straw hat, $6.50. Click here.

Goo Hye Sun 2 Bangle

Again F21 bangle set, $7.80. Click here.

Goo Hye Sun 2 Wedges

And, to elongate the legs further cute white wedges, $29.80. Click here.

Wow,…what can I say? F21 has some of the most affordable clothes in the industry, so check the place out.



13 Responses to “Goo Hye Sun (in Bali)”

  1. minh rat quy chi Geum Jandi

  2. aPXM5t zgqzbumvyqho, [url=]sjplhpiflaie[/url], [link=]didkzevnlwfd[/link],

  3. copper bangle…

    Our Site support this blog…

  4. prnah ke bali ya ?

  5. dreamer girl Says:

    hebat donk.. kok gak ngasih tau sich..! zpa tau aja Q bz jd pemandu wisataX U.. hee3x makazih udah dateng yacch ntr low bz k bali lg Q siap buat jd tmanX qm untk nemenin qm jln kmn aja. oia ank2 F4x jgn lupa d bw jg yacch.. LOVE U

  6. nice one i like it:-0

  7. Mondy Nabila Iskandar Says:

    Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh hebat Goo Hye Sun udh prnh ke bali

  8. k’ hye sun…..
    kapan datang lagi keindonesia, truz jgn lupa di ajak kimbum dan lee min ho n kim so eun

  9. goo hye sun gak ksh tw kya alow mau ke bali kan aku bisa liat idolaku!!!he..he..he..

  10. kapan tu, k bali abis BBF diputar or sblummya

  11. Masa seech ??? Q blm percaya…

  12. go hye sun…… kok cantik banget cih…….
    bsk dateng gak cuma di bali tapi juga di YOGYAKRTA ya….jangan lupa….bareng ma…anggota F4 ya……

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